Alexander Czigler
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My name is Alexander Czigler, I am a senior consultant at Iteam Solutions in Stockholm, Sweden.

I help companies with digital transformation, devops and system devlopment. My method is working close with individuals/teams, acting as an agile coach, devops engineer and someone to do pair programming with. I am very fond of kanban/NoEstimates and love helping companies get their backlog on track delivering real value at a steady pace. Also I believe that developers should have fun at work and that the best results are achieved when people are allowed to be creative and try new things once in a while.

Contacting me

If you want to get in touch with me, please write to me on LinkedIn. Please respect that I rarely answer the phone when unknown numbers call me, it is always better to write first.

I am open to consider any consultant jobs you may have in mind for me. I usually pick clients that have fun challenges for me and that do good things for society or people in general. My main goal is to learn, have fun and do good things.