Alexander Czigler

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About me

I work as a senior developer and devops engineer at Iteam Solutions in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have a strong passion for technology, learning new things and helping others. These perks combined have resulted in a career where I work as a system developer helping companies with digital transformation and devops. I also help companies having their own developers to optimize their workflows and methodologies.

As a person I favor minimalism and minimum viable design. I like when things are made or done with purpose in mind and this passion of mine is strongly reflected in any work I do.
This year I am taking new steps towards working with agile coaching and mentoring. Since april I am working full time with one of Sweden's major banks, helping them accelerate their digital transformation. I do this by blending into their development teams and learning what I can by working side-by-side with their developers, scrum masters and testers.
At a hackathon held by Refugee Tech in february me and a few coworkers started building a mobile app to map and visualise competences and skills among Sweden's newly arrived refugees. The project is called Competency and you can check it out here:
This year I start working with Taxi Stockholm, one of Iteam's biggest clients so far. We are helping them with building a new public API, security audits and customer loyalty systems. I am working alongside my coworkers at Iteam to help them start transforming into a more digital company and to begin learning more about their customers.
In the beginning of 2014 I start working with Telenor Sweden's fighter brand Vimla. Since then I have been working on the backend of their public web (.NET), building a brand new public API (Node.JS) and a community running on NodeBB. I have also been deeply involved in transforming the way Vimla works with software development from a traditional scrummy way to more lean, MVP-driven methodologies. I have also been leading the transformation of their traditional .NET website to a microservice architecture running on Docker and linux.

I also helped start the transformation of their Flash based application to a pure html5 + JavaScript + NaCl version.
In august 2010 I move on to work at Mogul in Stockholm. For the next two and a half years I am working as a consultant for TV4, one of Sweden's largest television networks. I am working on their sales support system, a huge monolith built with .NET and SQL Server that handles all of the advertising sales for both national and local advertising spots.
I get my first job as a consultant in Stockholm, at Hitone Nordic. I start learning about building business intelligence applications and SQL Server, Lawson M3 (Movex).
I drop out of college, not sure what to do with my life. I get a job selling food supplements over the phone, it teaches me a lot about handling people over the phone but other than that the job barely pays the bills.
I graduate high school (bilingual natural sciences) and start attending college in Linköping, studying mechanical engineering.
I get my first computer, a Fujitsu T-Bird. 200 MHz Intel Pentium CPU, 24 MB memory.